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The Heavy Duty Tractor Top

Designed for tractors that work!!! From the Heavy Duty steel frame to the Heavy Duty fiberglass shell. This tractor top will not split or dent like the cheaper light duty units made from plastic or sheet metal.

Our rugged, heavy duty tractor tops are made with architectural thickness fiberglass permanently bonded to an adjustable powder coated steel frame.

Only - $450.00
Heavy Duty Tractor Top

Made in the USA

Click for a printable PDF with measurements and details.

Heavy Duty Tractor Top Features

Rugged Fiberglass Shell

Powder Coated Steel Frame

Adjustable Width

Adjustable Pitch

Frame & Shell Permanently Bonded
.......(No Leaking or Rusty Bolts)

Fits Most R.O.P.S.*

Fully Adjustable Powder Coated
.......Steel Frame

Standard Colors:
.......• Tractor Blue
.......• Tractor Green
.......• Orange
.......• Red
.......• White


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