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Piedmont Fiberglass was founded in 1972 by Phares and Carrie Caudle. The business was based on a simple business plan of treating people fairly and being honest in all of your actions. This simple but powerful way of doing business remains the cornerstone of our company.

Today, PFI is owned by Douglas and Angela Caudle who relocated PFI to a 170,000 sq. ft. facility in Taylorsville, NC. The new plant features a state of the art ventilation system and modern application equipment. Although we have the modern technology, we have not forgotten the old fashioned way of doing business.

Douglas Caudle

Angela Caudle
General Manager of Administration

Lee Davis
Tooling Manager

Chris Johnson
Production Manager

Mike Losier
Open Molding Supervisor

Darren Mclain
Closed Molding Supervisor

Ger Khang
Finishing Supervisor

Cynthia Glover
Shipping Department


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